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Your Sun Sign In Astrology.. Live Your Passion!


Do you know exactly what it is that makes you excited? What energizes you and sparks that inner fire to create and speak your true voice?

There is an important planet in astrology that represents our passions, interests, and the things that get us motivated in life. It represents what we can cultivate to be who we really are, and share our unique form of self-expression with the world.

In astrology it’s represented by the location of the Sun at the time of your birth, and it holds the key to understanding your passion and how to harness its tremendous power.

According to Todd Henry in his book Louder Than Words, there are three things that you must cultivate in order to develop your authentic voice:

1. Identity

2. Vision

3. Mastery

With identity, you must know who you are in order to develop your true voice. What is personally meaningful to you? What are your natural gifts and traits? Knowing your passions and aptitudes is the first step to developing your voice.

The next component is vision. You must know where you are going to direct your voice. What kind of effect do you wish to have on others? How will the world be changed by you? Knowing how you want to impact your community, and the world at large, is crucial to developing your voice.

The last component, Mastery, represents how we will get there. What is needed to sharpen and hone in on your unique form of self-expression? What are different ways for you to express yourself that will challenge you towards new growth and improvement? Continuously applying and working with your voice creates a solid structure for your future development.


What we’re looking for is the sign and house placement of the Sun in your birth chart. You likely already know your Sun sign which is all you need for this video. However, if you know your time of birth you’ll also be able to uncover your Sun’s house position which will give you a more detailed picture. To find your Sun’s house you can use this quick and simple-to-use sidereal birth chart calculator.

(Now if you are new to my videos you might notice your Sun sign is different in this calculator. This is because the type of astrology I use, called true sidereal astrology, uses the actual size and location of the constellations. For more information on this type of astrology read this short article explaining sidereal astrology in more detail.)

Once you have your chart pulled up, you are looking for this symbol which represents the Sun. Identify its sign position which can be found here, and its house position here.


The sign placement shows the qualities of your true voice. In other words, the way in which you express yourself. It is through honoring and developing these qualities that your true voice shines. In terms of..

1. Identity – it is how you express yourself and your natural way of expression

2. Vision – how you impact those around you and the qualities that create your vision

3. Mastery – what traits you can continue to develop and hone in on

See the sign qualities associated with your unique Sun sign.


The house placement shows specifically what your true voice is all about. In other words, what you are passionate about, energizes you, and you are naturally good at. It is particularly through cultivating these things that your authentic voice truly shines. In terms of..

1. Identity – it is what you’re excited about and your natural gifts and traits

2. Vision – what you have to share with the community and world at large

3. Mastery – what things you can continue to develop and hone in on

See the areas associated with your Sun’s unique house placement.

By looking at your Sun’s sign and house position you can get a very good idea about what kindles that inner flame. Here is an exercise that can help with this:


My authentic voice is (write the sign phrase from the pdf). Then write..

This is expressed through my (then the house phrase if you know it).

For example if your Sun is in Cancer and the 9th House it would read:

My authentic voice is embracing my feelings and sentiments through caring for and nurturing others.

This is expressed through my abstract ideas and sharing them with the world.


To take the exercise one step further answer the following questions in your own words, feel free to reference the PDF’s as a guide. I recommend pausing the video and writing the answers to these questions down.

What are you excited about?

What are your natural gifts and abilities?

How do you naturally express yourself?

How do you impact those around you?

What do you have to share with others?

What is your vision for the future?

What traits can you hone in on?

What specific things can you continue to develop?

Through continued self-awareness, a cultivation of your vision, and dedication to mastering these natural talents and abilities.. you are on the road to harnessing the immense power that is.. your true authentic voice.

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