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North Node in Scorpio

North Node in Scorpio characteristics

North Node God artist depiction

The inherent strength of this placement lies in its ability to penetrate the layers of existence, to connect with the personal and the reserved. It is about being open with oneself, vulnerable with oneself, and having that self-trust. This naturally permeates into close relationships, creating a bond that is real, raw, and candid.

However, this path also presents several challenges. The journey towards the depths of life can be daunting, often involving confronting aspects of oneself and life that one would rather keep hidden. Yet, it is through this confrontation that one can truly transform and connect with deeper values, moving beyond the superficial and the mundane.

On the other hand, if one finds oneself overly immersed in the intensity that Scorpio brings, this can be balanced out with the corresponding South Node in the earthy sign of Taurus. This brings individuals back to their material values, connecting them to the material and earthly life. This balance between the deep and the tangible, the profound and the practical, is where the true strength of this placement lies.

Finally, the challenge of this placement is not just in understanding the depth and significance of life but also in accepting it. The acceptance and non-attachment that come with this placement are the keys to liberation, to moving beyond the confines of earthly existence and connecting with the larger, more meaningful aspects of life.


This placement, which combines the North Node with the sign of Scorpio, is about delving into the depths of life, of becoming aware of and accepting the hidden truths of existence. It is a journey towards transformation, towards connecting with something larger and more meaningful. The path towards this understanding is not easy, often involving confronting one's deepest fears and attachments. Yet, it is through this confrontation that one can truly transform and evolve. The balance between the depths of Scorpio and the earthly qualities of Taurus, the South Node, is the key to harnessing the strength of this placement. Ultimately, it is about understanding and accepting the deeper aspects of life, leading to a sense of liberation and non-attachment.

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