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Aries in astrology

Aries represents the qualities and characteristics around self-assertiveness and self-awareness. The qualities of leadership, initiative, and determination can be seen through our placement of Aries. Aries shows how and where these assertive and self-willed qualities come through.

What does Aries represent?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries represents self-willed energy and what comes as a result of that. When we have the willingness to go out into the world, to start the journey, what happens? We gain experience, and from that experience, we learn more about ourselves.

Self-awareness is a large part of what Aries represents. Those who have strong Aries in their chart know who they are and have strong self-awareness. It's from willing themselves that they learned through their life experiences. Their life experiences have taught them who they are and what they want.

Aries develops confidence and assertiveness in the process. It's through taking action that we develop confidence. Confidence comes from willing yourself to go out and take action. Through Aries, you can see assertiveness, initiative, and one's leadership qualities. You can see how someone takes action. You can see their confidence, type of self-awareness, and their self-willed energy.

Aries Characteristics

Aries is a fire and cardinal sign. Both fire and cardinal are initiating forces. They are the embodiment of assertiveness and initiative. Aries is also ruled by Mars, the planet of our needs, goals, and personal desires. Passion, self-assertiveness, self-expression, and self-will, all very much represent Aries.

Aries is opposite Libra. If you ever want to balance out Aries in your chart bring in the Libra energies. Libra is about tact, cooperation, and relationships. Libra is about working with others and where we can bring harmony.

Birth Chart Example

For example, if someone has their Sun in Aries, they express themselves in a very assertive and direct way. They know who they are from their strong self-awareness; they know what they want; and they know how to get it. These individuals are also likely to be charismatic and have strong leadership qualities.


All in all, Aries is the part of life that represents directing self-willed energy into the world. By having strong self-willed energy we have more life experiences. Through more life experiences we learn more about ourselves. As we learn more about ourselves we increase our effectiveness and confidence. Aries in the chart shows how and where we direct this self-willed energy and have the potential to be direct, daring, and initiating.

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