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Chiron in astrology

Chiron represents where we feel wounded and through time become very skilled in that area. Since we always feel wounded in this area we need to nurture and accept these parts of the self. This way we can heal them and work with them more effectively. The house and sign placement of Chiron shows us where this ongoing healing and transformation takes place and our greatest gift to others.

What does Chiron represent?

Chiron was recently discovered in 1977. Since then, it has been increasingly used in Western astrology. Chiron is strictly a Western concept. Vedic astrologers don't use Chiron as they only use bodies seen with the naked eye.

Although we call all transient bodies "planets" in astrology, Chiron is a comet. He has an icy composition and an elliptical and tilted orbit like Pluto. Comets in astrology are messengers. They are originally from the outer reaches of the solar system here to convey a message.

In terms of his physical characteristic, Chiron is made of ice. Water, as we talked about previously, is about the water retention in our bodies. It's about our feelings, our emotions, and the spiritual aspects of self. But notice that it's ice for Chiron. This is very important because it means that it's the denser or "lower" aspects of water. It especially deals with the emotional body and the denser emotions in the self.

What's so interesting about Chiron in the sky is that when he's exposed to the Sun, the ice turns to gas instantly. The ice does not turn into water. This is symbolic of the transformation from hardened emotions to the spiritually higher and lighter aspects of the self. Chiron in the chart represents this transformation, specifically relating to emotions. It's about spiritual transformation from the "lower" to "higher" states of consciousness. This can also mean physically, which is why Chiron is also associated with physical rejuvenation.

Another characteristic of Chiron in the sky is that he orbits in between Saturn and Uranus. This is the gap between the physical aspects of the self (everything up to Saturn) to the non-physical (Uranus and beyond). Saturn is the planet of density. It's the planet of everything physical and the ruler of the material realm. Uranus is about releasing ourselves from the physical realm and going into higher states of consciousness. It's this gap from Saturn to Uranus that you can also see the transformative elements of Chiron.

Chiron Characteristics

Chiron is very much about healing, redeeming, and accepting that we have these "lower" aspects of self. Through accepting and transmuting them we find the redemption, healing, and liberation that comes as a result.

You can see these characteristics in Greek mythology as well. Chiron, first of all, is a centaur. Again we see the same duality: the lower-half animal, instinctual and earthlier in nature, with the top-half human, well more specifically a god. The bottom half is the physical with the top half the spiritual aspects of the self. 

The story of Chiron is that his leg was injured by an incurable wound. Although he tried, he was unable to heal it. He spent his whole life trying to heal this wound that he became good at healing. So although he wasn't able to heal his own wound, he gained the gift of healing and the ability to heal others.

This is fundamentally what Chiron represents in the chart. The placement of Chiron shows where we feel wounded, where we have this incurable wound. Once we accept the wound and work with it, we help others heal in the area. It shows where we have our greatest gift of healing. Chiron shows where we feel wounded and often overcompensate, but are very good with the area and where we can help others heal. This can be intentional healing such as for healers or unintentional healing for the rest of us.

Birth Chart Example

For example, if Chiron is in the third house, this would show someone who has an incurable wound around communication. They feel wounded in communication and they've overcompensated for it. As a result, they're actually very good at communication. Additionally, they have the gift to help others heal with their communication, whether it's intentional or not.

If the sign is Aries, the person heals by taking action and asserting themselves. With the third house, asserting their communications. But they'll naturally feel wounded in their ability to initiate, as well as with their confidence around taking initiative. As the person accepts and works with this proactive part of themselves they further heal themselves and thus others.


Chiron is a very powerful planet in the chart for personal development. Being the healer, Chiron is associated with Ophiuchus- the healer constellation. Interestingly, Ophiuchus stands on top of Scorpio the Scorpion in the sky. Again, we see the duality symbolism. He has his leg on the scorpion associated with injury to the leg. This is another great symbol of what Chiron represents - healing the "lower" aspects of the self to reach "higher" states of consciousness.

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