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Mars in astrology

Mars represents how and where we pursue our desires in life. It shows our confidence, intentions, and willfulness. With so much of this relating to our needs in life Mars also represents where we are willing to take down obstacles to get what we want. In interpersonal relationships it's how and in which area of life we assert ourselves.

What does Mars represent?

Mars in Astrology is the masculine outward way of accomplishing the things we desire. This can be through self-attainment, self-interest, self-motivation, and self-willed energy. This is also shown in how we assert ourselves through our relationships.

There are a couple of things you will notice in the sky with Mars. One is that he has an independent orbit from our perspective on Earth. Mercury and Venus are the other two personal planets that always stay close to the Sun. Each time they get to a certain distance, they bounce around the Sun in the sky. But Mars is the only personal planet that has its own trajectory. He has his own orbit which symbolizes independence.

Mars in the chart shows where we have independence. It shows where we have that sense of self. That's where that self-determined, self-willed energy comes from. And you can see that in the Aries energy with Mars ruling Aries.

Mars Characteristics

The other side of Mars that doesn't get talked about a lot is the Scorpio side. Mars rules Scorpio and for good reason. This is seen by his color - red. When you look at the color red in nature, it is about danger. And so to achieve our desires, sometimes it means the difference between life and death. This is a very important part of life - self-preservation. This is where we get into the more instinctual energies of Mars. It is not only about what we desire for enjoyment as with Venus, but for survival. It touches the root and the instinctual level of us. It is about removing obstacles. This is where the Scorpio energy comes from. When we are able and willing to remove obstacles and fight for those things.

Birth Chart Example

Let's say someone has Mars in the 10th house. 10th house is about notoriety, career success, and legacy. The person with Mars here would achieve these things directly and competitively. That's the Mars energy. They're willing to get rid of obstacles, they're willing to assert themselves. With Mars in the 10th, they're willing to do what it takes for that big picture, public, or career success in life.

If the person had Mars in Libra, this person would do it with tact. They might do it through mutual respect and mutual understanding. They have that sense of justice and morality in those interrelationships. Mars here is about doing the right thing.


Mars is a very powerful and very important part of the personality. It shows where and how we are independent, assert ourselves, have confidence, and how we attain what we desire in life. Not just for enjoyment's sake, but what we need on an instinctual level for our survival.

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