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Sidereal Horoscope

Join Athen while he discusses the weekly horoscope for this week. In this video, Athen talks about the position of the Sun, Moon, and other planets in the sky. As well as where we can put our intention and use the astrology toward our greatest potential.

The key is balancing the qualities represented by each planet’s sign placement and relationship to the other planets. It is through coming to this balance we unlock the greatest strength and potential of these collective energies.

Also understanding the weaknesses and challenges of the week we find where strength and opportunity exist. With every experience that crosses our path, there is the potential for prosperity, enjoyment, and insight.

This weekly horoscope shows you what you can do to maximize this potential. To help you actualize fulfillment and empowerment in your experiences.

Join Athen in this adventure as he pierces through the collective veil and uncovers what the energies have in store for us all.

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