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the Moon in astrology

The Moon represents the most fundamental aspects of our inner awareness. It is our concern, acceptance, and security. It is the physiological impulses we have, as well as where we change from moment to moment. Shared with the Sun it is one of the most important planets for determining our personality.

What does the Moon represent?

The Sun and the Moon are the largest bodies in the sky. They are both very important aspects of the self. The Sun is the extroverted outer awareness. The Moon is the receptive inner awareness. The Moon is all about emotion.

The moon is always variable. She's always changing. She might be in a New Moon phase one day, then a few days later, she'll be a First Quarter Moon or a Full Moon.

Moon Characteristics

She controls the tides of the earth. She's very much linked with water. She controls the water retention of the earth and our physiology. Every 29 days we're going through this cycle. Where the Sun is fire, passion, focus, and intent. The moon is receptive, nurturing, and emotional.

Oftentimes, it's the thinking patterns. Not rational thinking like Mercury, but emotional thinking. What are we concerned with? If the Sun is the outside focus, the Moon is the inside internal concern.

The Moon is not the type of personality that you see right away in an individual. It usually takes time to get to know them to see it. You see their Moon as they open up and as you spend more time with them. When you see them in their varying shades you'll be able to see what their Moon's house and sign placements are.

Birth chart example

With the house and sign placement, we can see the internal personality of the individual. If, for example, the Moon is in the second house, it would be someone concerned about the material world. The Moon in the second is often someone concerned about finances. When there is abundance around them, they feel good. Otherwise, their emotions might be up one minute, and down the next. The emotions are variable about the areas associated with the Moon's house placement.

The sign placement is the inner personality characteristics. For example, Scorpio Moon is intense. Deep emotional connections and intense feelings. If there isn't honesty, rapport, and openness then they feel like something's not right. They need that deeper connection. They need it whether it's with relationships, their careers, or any other area of their life. Their home life, for example, has to be meaningful.


The Moon shows how the person cares and nurtures. What are they accepting or not accepting about. The Moon is about acceptance. That's what nurturing is when you trace it far back enough. We have to accept the way we feel. The Moon also shows where and how we can accept others.

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