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Neptune in astrology

Neptune represents the deepest receptive aspects of the Self. The experiences are about utter faith and trust that events are unfolding as they are meant to and for our highest good. Neptune can blur things when we try to think rationally about that particular area or characteristic of life. It is through this faith and trust that comes tremendous spiritual liberation.

What does Neptune represent?

Neptune is the second trans-Saturnian planet after Uranus. It is feminine and is about peace, presence, faith, and trust in the unfoldment of life.

It is blue and has an incomplete ring system. This is symbolic of uncertainty and imperfection.

Neptune is about the non-mind. It's about the spiritual faith and trust that we can have in life, without having everything figured out. The masculine polarity to Neptune, Uranus, is a planet that knows what it wants. But Neptune is about realizing that life is so much more than what we can change or have an influence over.

Neptune Characteristics

Neptune represents our deeper inner personality. It's the Self beyond what we would perceive of ourselves and would label ourselves as. This is representative of the dreamy, unseen, and idealistic part of ourselves.

The house placement shows where we can connect deeply but also idealize things. It's the area where we can have a strong non-rational and non-conceptual perception. But also a deep emotional understanding and a spiritual connection.

Birth Chart Example

Let's take an example. If someone has Neptune in the seventh house of relationships they are usually quite compassionate, easygoing, and accepting of others. A big part of Neptune is the uncertainty that develops into unconditional acceptance. These individuals may have strong uncertainty about relationships, but through life learn to ebb and flow with and about relationships.

This is also applicable to the sign. Someone with Neptune in Sagittarius is philosophical in their approach to spirituality. They can see the overarching perspective and be purposeful in their approach to spirituality and finding peace. It's through expanding their mental and literal horizons they connect to their soul.


All in all, Neptune shows where we can have spiritual liberation. It shows how and where we can have tremendous spiritual freedom, acceptance, and peace. This is, of course, not easy. However, through practicing unconditional acceptance and living presently we reach high levels of soul connectedness and inner spiritual fulfillment.

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