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Uranus in astrology

Uranus represents the aspect of ourselves that wants to honor our individuality and freedom. Associated with Aquarius Uranus represents where we respect the freedom of others and thus want to give and contribute. This is where and how the person breaks free of the limiting status quo, and sees things in a completely new and progressive way.

What does Uranus represent?

Uranus is the first of the trans-Saturnian planets, which are very important for depth astrology. Up to this point, we have covered everything up to Saturn, which is everything you can see with the naked eye. Trans-Saturnian planets are the unseen parts of the self. They represent the unconscious needs of the self.

Uranus is the first of the planets that we needed technology to see. It rules technology and is about revolutionary change. How we can see things from a new perspective, how we can see things in a way that we didn't before. It's a very intuitive planet and very eccentric.

Uranus Characteristics

If you look at Uranus as a planet, it's tilted on its side. It has very unique characteristics. In the natal chart, it represents where we have this eccentricity in ourselves. Through Uranus, we can see where a person is progressive, innovative, and where they need to have freedom of self-expression. The mid to late 1700s when Uranus was discovered was a very important time for revolutionary freedom in the world.

With eccentricity comes individuality, and with individuality there must be freedom. Uranus represents this chain of events. In the chart, it shows where we are eccentric, need individuality, and thus freedom. It's erratic energy and not as easy to work with as the personal planets, which come naturally. To use this energy constructively we have to channel this unconscious need into conscious and intentional ways.

Uranus and Neptune are polarities. Again, very deep aspects of the self. Uranus is active and masculine, whereas Neptune is receptive and feminine. Here the active nature is to change, revolutionize, and contribute. For very good reason Uranus was associated with Aquarius in astrology and is considered its modern ruler. If you look at Aquarius, Aquarius is pouring water for everyone to drink, for the collective. So Uranus also shows us where we have that inspiration, excitement to give, and to be a part of something larger than ourselves.

Birth Chart Example

Let's say someone has Uranus in their twelfth house. The twelfth house is about rest, spirituality, and working behind the scenes. Uranus here is where the individual can approach spirituality and spiritual health in very unique and different ways. They need to honor their individuality in these areas. In other words, by not conforming to the status quo and instead doing it in a unique and unorthodox way.

Uranus in Scorpio is someone who pursues freedom in very deep, intimate, and intense ways. In the twelfth house, these are very intuitive individuals that approach spirituality deeply. Uranus in Scorpio contributes in very intimate ways, perhaps through healing and transformation.


Next, we'll talk about Neptune, which is the unconscious need for receptivity and doing what's important to us on a soul level. In contrast, Uranus is more assertive, erratic and represents a need for breaking limitations. It's about change and where and how we need freedom.

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