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North Node in 10th House

North Node in 10th house characteristics

North Node God artist depiction

One of the strengths of the North Node in the 10th house is the ability to ground the higher understanding gained from life experiences into concrete plans for the future. It encourages the development and refinement of a career path, a public image, and a legacy. This placement also aids in building a solid foundation for other areas of life to benefit from.

The ability to balance spiritual and physical experiences is another key strength of this placement. It encourages a healthy connection with the South Node, or past karma, and aids in the releasing of past life lessons. This allows for a clear path towards the North Node, or future karma.

However, this placement also presents challenges. There may be a strong pull towards the comfort and familiarity of the South Node, which represents past experiences and lessons learned. This pull, if not balanced, can lead to stagnation in life and hinder the growth towards the North Node.

If too much focus is placed on the North Node, there is a risk of getting caught up in the material realm and losing sight of spiritual roots. This can lead to a lack of fulfillment and imbalance between the physical and spiritual aspects of life.


The North Node in the 10th house signifies a life path oriented towards building a solid foundation for the future and grounding higher life insights into tangible plans. It encourages a balance between spiritual and physical experiences and aids in the release of past karma. While this placement presents strengths in career development and balancing life experiences, it also poses challenges in the form of potential stagnation and loss of spiritual roots. Achieving a balance between the North and South Nodes is key to harnessing the full potential of this placement.

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