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Venus in astrology

Venus represents the receptive aspect of ourselves and what we value. This can be physical values as well as relationship values. It shows where we have natural magnetism as well as what we desire to attract. Seeing Venus' house and sign placement shows us what and who we enjoy in life.

What does Venus represent?

If you look up at the sky, you'll notice that Venus is the brightest star. She's the most beautiful, fascinating, and magnetizing of all. She represents how we magnetize and also those that magnetize us. This refers to our values in life; our values as it relates to people and to physical things.

There are two distinct areas of Venus. One is on the material plane and the other is in the interrelationship plane. This is seen clearly when you consider Venus rules both Taurus and Libra in the natal chart. With Taurus, it is about what we value, which would be the physical things. On the other hand, Libra is about who we value which is more about our relationships.

Birth Chart Example

Let's say someone has Venus in the ninth house. The ninth house is everything about philosophy, travel, and expansion. These individuals would enjoy these things and be attracted to them. Likewise, they tend to be charismatic and have that ideal perspective about everything ninth house.

Venus in Capricorn are individuals who are very grounded in their approach to how they enjoy ninth house things. They would be very disciplined about it, taking it long-term and being very patient. In the external environment, they would connect to things in this way. They enjoy that solid connection and maturity are very important to them.


It is important to note that we are talking about a new polarity - Venus and Mars. Venus is the feminine receptive energy that focuses on attracting. Mars pursues and takes action toward interrelationships and things that we desire in life.

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