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Chiron Transits


Athen Chimenti

12 January 2024

Chiron's Transits: An Overview

Painting of Chiron teaching

Chiron, also known as the 'wounded healer', travels through the zodiac once every 50 years. He spends, on average, 4 years in each sign. When he contacts your natal chart it can bring about profound healing and personal change. The transits of Chiron are unique in that they often coincide with periods of emotional pain, healing, and transformation.

Chiron's transits offer opportunities for deep healing and self-discovery. They can bring up old wounds and unresolved issues, forcing us to confront and heal these aspects of ourselves. However, they can also be periods of great insight and personal growth.

Chiron is currently transiting through Pisces in True Sidereal Astrology. Which is helping us all heal wounds hidden deep in our unconscious. Themes around healing our aloneness, willingness to go with the flow in life, and having faith are all collective themes at the moment. Chiron has been here since 2015 and will be until 2028. What parts of our charts he is activating is different for everyone. Although the theme around healing the unconscious is the same for all of us at the moment, it is involving different areas of our lives.

Understanding Chiron's Transits

Each transit of Chiron has a unique energy and influence, depending on the house he is transiting and the specific aspects he is forming. For example, a Chiron transit to Venus may bring up issues related to love and self-worth, while a transit to Mars may trigger issues related to anger and assertiveness.

During a Chiron transit, we may find ourselves confronting old wounds and traumas that we thought we had healed or forgotten. These issues may resurface, forcing us to deal with them in a new and more meaningful way.

However, it's important to remember that Chiron's transits can also bring up our unique gifts. Chiron in mythology was known for his unique healing abilities and the same area that we feel wounded is the very same area we can help others heal. The areas that Chiron affects can bring up innate abilities and strengths previously dormant in our personality.

Chiron through the houses

Drawing of Chiron getting shot with an arrow

Chiron in the First House: This transit focuses on self-discovery and identity. It's a time when individuals confront their physical presence, ego, and sense of self, leading to a journey of self-acceptance and assertiveness.

Chiron in the Second House: Here, the focus is on self-worth and material security. Individuals are prompted to reevaluate their values, possessions, and what truly brings them stability and comfort.

Chiron in the Third House: Communication, learning, and sibling relationships come under scrutiny. This period challenges and heals the way individuals think, communicate, and connect with their immediate environment.

Chiron in the Fourth House: This transit digs deep into the realm of family, home, and roots, often bringing up unresolved familial issues. It's a time for healing deep-seated emotional wounds from the past.

Chiron in the Fifth House: Creative expression, romance, and children are the themes. It challenges individuals to confront issues around self-expression, romance, and their relationship with pleasure and joy.

Chiron in the Sixth House: This period focuses on health, service, and daily routines. Issues around work, health, and personal efficiency come up for healing and transformation.

Chiron in the Seventh House: Relationships and partnerships are emphasized. It's a time to heal wounds related to one-on-one relationships, both personal and professional.

Chiron in the Eighth House: Deep emotional bonds, shared resources, and transformative experiences are in focus. This transit often brings up issues related to intimacy, trust, and shared finance.

Chiron in the Ninth House: Beliefs, higher education, and long-distance travel are highlighted. It's a period for expanding one's horizons and confronting limiting beliefs or philosophies.

Chiron in the Tenth House: Career and public status are under review. This transit challenges and heals issues related to authority, career ambitions, and one's role in the public eye.

Chiron in the Eleventh House: Friendship, group associations, and hopes for the future are emphasized. This period often involves healing in the context of community and long-term goals.

Chiron in the Twelfth House: This transit delves into the subconscious, hidden fears, and isolation. It's a time for releasing old wounds, often through solitude or spiritual pursuits.

Chiron in Aspect

Greek gods sitting

Chiron & Natal Moon: Emotional security and past traumas are highlighted. This transit brings up deep emotional wounds, often related to childhood or maternal figures, offering a chance for emotional healing.

Chiron & Natal Sun: Ego and self-expression come under Chiron's healing energy. This period often involves confronting issues related to one's core identity and life path, fostering a more authentic expression of self.

Chiron & Natal Mercury: Communication and thought processes are key here. This transit offers a chance to heal communication issues and to align one's thoughts more closely with their inner truth.

Chiron & Natal Venus: Love, relationships, and self-worth are the focus. It's a time to heal wounds related to love and value, whether in romantic relationships or in how one values oneself.

Chiron & Natal Mars: Assertiveness and action are tested. This transit prompts a reevaluation of how one asserts themselves, deals with anger, and takes action, leading to healthier expressions of these qualities.

Chiron & Natal Jupiter: Beliefs and expansion are examined. This is a time for healing overly optimistic or dogmatic beliefs, leading to a more balanced and realistic outlook.

Chiron & Natal Saturn: Structures, discipline, and authority face Chiron's healing touch. This transit focuses on fears and blocks related to responsibility, discipline, and authority, offering a chance to build healthier structures in life.

Application of Chiron's Transits

Shadow of Chiron running

During a Chiron transit, we can take steps to heal old wounds and confront unresolved issues in the areas mentioned above. This might involve seeking therapy or counseling, practicing self-care, or engaging in spiritual practices that promote healing and self-discovery.

To develop the dormant abilities of Chiron we can use the transit as opportunities to develop new skills and abilities. For example, a Chiron transit to Mars might be a good time to reconnect with our natural way of asserting ourselves, while a transit to the third house might be an opportunity to connect with our natural communication style and social skills.

Ultimately, the practical application of Chiron's transits involves using these periods as opportunities for self-improvement and personal growth. By understanding the nature of the Chiron transits mentioned above, we can better navigate these periods and use them as opportunities for healing, growth, and new ways of reconnecting with hidden parts of ourselves.

To see where Chiron is currently transiting in your natal chart you can use our free chart calculator and see where the middle of Pisces is in your chart. This is the area of the sky Chiron is currently transiting. Also check to see if you have any natal planets in this part of Pisces since Chiron will be activating those as well. For a more sophisticated way and to see his placement you can use an astrology software like Prometheus.

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