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Astrological Influence of the Galactic Center


Athen Chimenti

1 November 2023

Introduction to The Galactic Center

Ship sailing towards Galactic Center

The Galactic Center is located at approximately 2 degrees before the sign of Sagittarius, in the constellation Ophiuchus. It represents the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. It's a powerful source of energy. Billions of stars emit radio and gamma rays surrounding the supermassive black hole that lies in the center of our galaxy. This supermassive black hole is what everything in our galaxy orbits around and can be thought of as the Sun of the Milky Way.

Unfortunately, despite it being the most powerful source of energy in our galaxy, it is often overlooked in mainstream astrology. The ancients saw this part of the sky as leading to higher consciousness, offering profound insights and spiritual growth and evolution. What we find through astrological observation is that this is an extremely transformative part of the sky. The symbolic "phoenix rising out of the ashes". The planet's energy "dies" at the galactic center and emerges out the other side, into expansive Sagittarius.

The placement of the Galactic Center in our natal charts tells us which area of life holds this powerful and transformative energy. Its interaction with our personal planets, especially the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, can reveal much about our spiritual path and purpose.

You can see where the Galactic Center is in your chart by locating where the last two degrees of Ophiuchus are. You can use our free chart calculator to see yours. If you are new to astrology you can use our chart lexicon to find the deeper meaning of the house that the Galactic Center is in, as well as any planets that might be near it.

Galactic Center in the Natal Chart

Natal chart on table

The house that the Galactic Center is in shows where this transformative nature takes place in our lives. For instance, if the Galactic Center is in the 7th house of relationships, relationships become the area of transformation. The most transformative experiences of our lives will be in our relationships and partnerships. Our partners will likely exude this same depth and powerful energy, and those around us will likely transform as a result of interacting with us as well.

The house, or planet, close to the Galactic Center is experienced as if that area of life, or part of ourselves, is in the void of the galaxy's core. This placement can strip the house and planet of it's surface level expressions and accentuate it's deeper more fundamental properties. As a result, the house or planet acts as a catalyst in our lives, leading us to greater spiritual awakening and understanding.

For instance, if the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center, the person may feel less of a pull towards aspects of their lives that are for personal gain or ego satisfaction. They would likely find that they prefer to focus on the deeper meaning behind life and live from a place of candidness and rawness of what life is really about. They may be drawn to spiritual or metaphysical pursuits and have a natural ability to tap into higher wisdom, healing, and human psychology.

Transits to the Center of the Galaxy

Lighthouse pointing at galactic center

Transits to the Galactic Center can also trigger significant events or realizations. When a transiting planet conjuncts the Galactic Center, it can act as a cosmic wake-up call, urging us to align more closely with the spiritual energies of that planet.

For example, a transit of Jupiter to the Galactic Center could bring opportunities for new believes about life, spiritual awakenings, and philosophical expansion. A transit of Saturn, on the other hand, might challenge us to destroy past structures and create new ones that are more aligned to what is truly meaningful to use.

Every year, the Sun, accompanied by Mercury and Venus, will transit over the Galactic Center. At the moment this happens on the days surrounding December 16th. It's important to treat these times as spiritual opportunities. To allow for personal transformation and healing. To be mindful of what arises during these times and to use them as opportunities to connect more with our core selves and the core of life.

Embracing the Galactic Center

The Galactic Center represents the center of our galaxy - the point that everything in our Milky Way orbits around. While its influence has been largely ignored by mainstream astrology it's important to recognize it's significance in the natal chart, and thus in our personal lives. To use the knowledge about this powerful point as an opportunity to gain greater wisdom about lives and the direction we're headed in.

By knowing where the galactic center is in our charts, along with when it is activated collectively, we can tap into the wisdom of the Milky Way and align more closely with our true selves. We can use these opportunities for healing, personal growth, and spiritual realignment. By connecting to its energy, we connect with the cosmic heart, opening ourselves to profound spiritual growth and understanding.

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