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Eclipses in Astrology


Athen Chimenti

25 October 2023

Eclipses: Transformations of the life path

Solar Eclipse Phases

We are currently in eclipse season and so it makes sense to write an article about their importance. Eclipses are astrological events that occur when the Moon aligns perfectly with the Sun from our vantage point on Earth. The solar eclipse is when the Moon is between us and the Sun, and the lunar eclipse is when we are between the Sun and Moon. In astrology, this alignment happens when we have a new or full moon next to one of the lunar nodes.

Eclipses have been documented in various cultures throughout history, often associated with significant changes, transformations, and shifts in life direction. In the context of the natal chart, eclipses give profound insights into personal growth and evolution.

Solar eclipses are associated with new beginnings, new opportunities, and major transformations in life. They often act as catalysts, accelerating the pace of our lives, pushing us towards new beginnings that will assist in our destiny.

Lunar eclipses are associated with culminations, harvests, and shifts of direction that started from the previous solar eclipse. They are pivots along our life journey where we get a glimpse of how things have been going along our life path and where we can make changes. They are opportunities to do a status check and recalibrate our life path.

We typically have a solar and lunar eclipse within two weeks of each other, as part of the lunar cycle. This is known as the eclipse season and we typically have two eclipse seasons in a year. At the moment they are happening in the spring and autumn.

Since eclipses involve the solar cycle, solar eclipses which start the new cycle can affect us for the upcoming twelve months. In this case, the influence eclipses should be considered more like a process rather than a single event. A process helping us integrate the energy not only for the lunar month they fall within, but for the upcoming twelve months.

Interpreting Eclipses in the Natal Chart

Zodiac Map

When interpreting the influence of a solar eclipse in the natal chart, there are several key factors to consider. The house in which the eclipse falls is particularly important. This can highlight the area of life that is set for transformation. For instance, a solar eclipse in the 7th House could signify a new partnership or relationship, while a lunar eclipse in the 1st House may indicate shifts to the new sense of self we've developed over the past six months.

The sign in which the eclipse occurs can also provide insight into the nature of the changes that are likely to unfold. For example, a solar eclipse in Aries may trigger new beginnings related to self-identity, while a lunar eclipse in Libra could signify shifts to how we have been relating to others.

Another factor that can be considered is the aspects the eclipse makes to other planets in the natal chart. These aspects can provide further insights into the nature of the changes. For example, if the eclipse forms a trine with Venus, it could indicate a period of connecting more to who and what we value in life.

Lastly, you can also consider the Saros cycle. The lunar nodes in the chart represent the intersecting paths of the Sun and Moon. In other words, where the eclipses are happening that year. This is why we have an eclipse when the New and Full Moon's happen next to the nodes. It takes approximately 18 years for the nodes to make one full revolution around the zodiac. This represents  a cycle of eclipses that repeats approximately every 18 years. So while solar eclipses start a twelve month energy, they also start an 18 year energy since it will be another 18 years until we have the next eclipses in the same part of the sky.

Example: Solar Eclipse in the 1st House

Zodiac Constellations

Let's consider a case where a solar eclipse occurs in the 1st House of the natal chart. The 1st House represents the self, personality, physical appearance, and the way we project ourselves to the world. An eclipse in this house can signify a powerful transformation in the way we perceive ourselves and how we present ourselves to others.

This could manifest in various ways, such as a change in physical appearance, a shift in personal attitudes, or a new approach to self-expression. The individual may experience a surge of self-confidence, a renewed sense of identity, or a desire to redefine their personal image.

The exact nature of the transformation will depend on the sign in which the eclipse occurs in the natal chart. We currently have the eclipses happening in Pisces and Aries according to the visible sky or true sidereal astrology. Pisces is about developing our receptive side. If in the 1st house this would suggest a time of connecting more with our selves on a spiritual and soul level. To connect with the vastness of who we are and what nourishes spiritually. The current eclipse cycle we're in is involving Aries, which is about accessing our more proactive and initiating side.

Solar Eclipse in the Twelve Houses

1st House: A solar eclipse in the 1st House marks a significant personal reinvention. It’s a time for fresh starts, from physical appearance to personal goals.

2nd House: In the 2nd House, the focus turns to finances, resources, and self-worth, possibly bringing new sources of income or a revised attitude towards personal finances and possessions.

3rd House: Communication, siblings, and short trips are highlighted when a solar eclipse occurs in the 3rd House. Expect new ways of thinking, learning, or connecting with your immediate environment.

4th House: The 4th House eclipse centers around home and family. Changes in your living situation or family dynamics can be expected, initiating a new chapter in personal life.

5th House: A solar eclipse in the 5th House can spark new romantic liaisons, creative endeavors, or mark the beginning of a new phase in dealings with children.

6th House: In the 6th House, the focus shifts to health and service, which might mean a new health regime, dietary habits, or changes in your work environment.

7th House: This eclipse brings attention to partnerships. Whether in business or romance, it could herald the start of a significant new relationship or a fresh phase in an existing one.

8th House: A solar eclipse in the 8th House often triggers deep transformational processes, dealing with shared resources, intimacy, or psychological matters.

9th House: Here, the focus is on travel, higher learning, and your belief systems. A journey or educational pursuit might begin, or you could encounter a new philosophical or spiritual outlook.

10th House: A solar eclipse in the career and reputation sector (10th House) can mark a pivotal point in your professional life, potentially launching a new career path or public role.

11th House: In the 11th House, a solar eclipse can stimulate changes in your social circle, or you might embark on a new collective or community-focused project.

12th House: When the solar eclipse happens in the 12th House, it’s a time for spiritual reflection and inner work, possibly leading to important insights or a desire to retreat and ponder life’s deeper questions.

Lunar Eclipse in the Twelve Houses

1st House: A lunar eclipse in the 1st House emphasizes personal transformation. It can mark a time to let go of old self-images and embrace a new understanding of your identity.

2nd House: In the 2nd House, a lunar eclipse can signal shifts in your value system or financial matters, urging you to release outdated possessions or ideas around money and worth.

3rd House: Communication and connections are under the spotlight in the 3rd House. This eclipse might prompt you to reevaluate your relationships with siblings, neighbors, or how you express yourself.

4th House: The 4th House eclipse brings focus to your emotional foundations and home life. It could involve concluding chapters related to family or residence.

5th House: A lunar eclipse in the 5th House might bring a turning point in matters of love, creativity, or children. This could be about releasing old romantic patterns or concluding a creative project.

6th House: Health and service areas are illuminated in the 6th House. This eclipse might signify the need to let go of unhealthy habits or work routines that no longer serve your well-being.

7th House: Relationship dynamics are particularly potent during a lunar eclipse in the 7th House. It can bring endings or significant shifts in how you engage in partnerships.

8th House: The eclipse in the 8th House could bring transformation in areas of intimacy, shared resources, or internal changes, urging a release of old traumas or dependencies.

9th House: Beliefs, travel, or education might see shifts with this eclipse in the 9th House. Letting go of old beliefs or planning the end of a course of study could be themes.

10th House: Professional life or status might undergo significant changes with a lunar eclipse in the 10th House. This can signal the end of one career phase and the preparations for another.

11th House: In the 11th House, an eclipse can signify shifts in social circles or community involvement. You might find yourself leaving behind old social groups or community projects.

12th House: The 12th House eclipse encourages releasing past burdens and embracing spiritual renewal. It's a time for healing and letting go of things that have been hidden or repressed.

Solar Eclipse in the Signs

Aries: Initiating bold, new personal beginnings and embracing a spirit of pioneering.

Taurus: Focusing on material security, pleasure, and a slow but steady approach to change.

Gemini: Invigorating communication, learning, and adaptability; stirring curiosity.

Cancer: Emphasizing emotional security, family, and nurturing aspects of life.

Leo: Sparking creativity, romance, and expressive pursuits; finding joy and pride.

Virgo: Introducing practical improvements, focusing on health, and organizational matters.

Libra: Encouraging balance in relationships, aesthetics, and harmony.

Scorpio: Deepening emotional connections and exploring life’s mysteries and transformational processes.

Ophiuchus: Focusing on healing, exploration, and unveiling hidden truths.

Sagittarius: Expanding horizons, philosophical or spiritual pursuits, and seeking meaning.

Capricorn: Setting goals, embracing responsibility, and structuring life more effectively.

Aquarius: Innovating, fostering community and social consciousness, and embracing uniqueness.

Pisces: Dissolving boundaries, increasing empathy and creativity, and spiritual awakening.

Lunar Eclipse in the Signs

Aries: Releasing assertive or aggressive tendencies and discovering new ways of asserting oneself.

Taurus: Letting go of material attachments and embracing changes in personal values or security.

Gemini: Ending certain communications or ways of thinking; embracing new ideas or connections.

Cancer: Releasing over-dependency in familial or emotional realms; finding independence.

Leo: Concluding a phase of creativity or romance; letting go of the need for attention or applause.

Virgo: Moving away from excessive criticism or focus on details; adopting a broader perspective on health and work.

Libra: Ending unbalanced relationships or dependencies and seeking greater equilibrium.

Scorpio: Letting go of control or deep-seated fears; embracing transformation.

Ophiuchus: Releasing old wounds and reintegrating with the exiled parts of ourselves; embracing wisdom and holistic growth.

Sagittarius: Concluding long-held beliefs or philosophical pursuits; embracing new journeys or insights.

Capricorn: Letting go of rigid structures or career ambitions; shifting towards more meaningful achievements.

Aquarius: Moving away from dogmatic or radical stances; embracing a more inclusive and humanitarian view.

Pisces: Releasing escapist behaviors or unrealistic dreams; finding clarity and compassion in spirituality.

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