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Saturn in Aquarius 2023 & 2024

Innovation to our systems and structures

Athen Chimenti

February 2023

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What it means

Saturn's move into Aquarius beginning February 2023 will have huge impacts on the world. Saturn will be in Aquarius for the next two years until February 2025. This is a time of major change and growth both personally and collectively. This will be a time of significant innovation, progress, and personal and societal transformation.

The last transit

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The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was March 1993 to December 1995. During this time, there were huge shifts in the way we communicated. This was when the internet started to become a major part of our daily lives. For example, we saw the beginning of search engines, online shopping, email, and chat rooms.

It was also a time of increased regulation of the tech sector. Governments started to incorporate new internet and cyber laws. Governments also started to incorporate more technology into their operations. Businesses around the world started incorporating more technology as well.

What this means for society

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Now, as Saturn enters Aquarius once again, we can expect similar changes. With the current advancements, the influence will likely be even greater. The next two years are set up to bring a new wave of advancement that will once again impact all aspects of our lives.

One area that will coincide with Saturn's transit is the advancement of technology. Huge innovations are likely over the next couple years. Some examples may include leaps in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and automation to name a few.

With Saturn representing structure and discipline, we can also see more regulation of the tech industry. This will bring increased regulations to the areas mentioned above. Staying abreast of new laws will be important since many new laws will likely affect our daily lives.

Another area that will be impacted are businesses themselves. Businesses will start using more technology to improve their operations and reach new markets. This could mean that companies will need to invest in new technology, software, and automation. This could impact the job market, supply, and the economy as a whole.

Governments will be impacted by Saturn's transit as well. They will likely start incorporating more technology into their operations. Perhaps making it easier for citizens to interact with them and access services. This could lead to the introduction of new policies to keep pace with the latest technologies.

Time of change

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Saturn's transit is not only about technology though. It will be a time of major change and growth for the world as a whole. Whether you are an individual, run a business, or involved in social affairs this is a time to embrace new ideas, take risks, and be open to change.

For individuals, Saturn's transit will bring growth and personal transformation. It's a time to embrace innovation, learn new skills, and find new ways to connect with others. You may find that you are more open to trying new things and exploring new ideas that lead to greater self-discovery and personal growth.

Another key theme of Saturn in Aquarius is community. This is a time of increased focus on community building and social connection. We may be more interested in finding ways to work together, create networks, and form communities. This could lead to the creation of new groups, organizations, and movements.

Another one is individuality. This is the perfect time for greater personal freedom, self-expression, and creative thinking. We may be more open to exploring our unique talents and interests, as well as new ways of expressing ourselves. Creativity as a whole will flourish.


So, what can we expect from Saturn's transit of Aquarius? With the influence of technology set to be even greater this time around, we can certainly expect major leaps in innovation. For all of us, it's a time of embracing new ideas, taking risks, and finding new ways to connect. Whether you're looking to grow personally, professionally, or as a society, now is the time to embrace change. This is without a doubt the time for finding new and innovative ways to make positive impacts on our personal lives, and the world as a whole.

To see where this transit is taking place in your chart use the sidereal chart calculator and locate the house where Aquarius is at in your chart.

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