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Psyche & Eros

The Asteroids of Eternal Love

Athen Chimenti

7 April 2024

Statue of Aphrodite

Psyche and Eros are two asteroids with an intertwining mythological saga that centers around the quest for eternal love. The story begins with Psyche, a mortal woman of such unparalleled beauty that even the goddess Aphrodite grows envious. In a bid to diminish Psyche's allure, Aphrodite dispatches her son Eros, the god of love, with the task of making Psyche fall in love with the most despicable creature imaginable. However, the plan takes an unexpected turn when Eros himself becomes enamored with Psyche's beauty and grace.

As the tale unfolds, Eros's attempts to sabotage Psyche's love life backfire spectacularly. Instead of shooting Psyche with an arrow to induce love for a monster, Eros accidentally pricks himself, instigating his own deep, uncontrollable love for her. This sets the stage for a series of trials and tribulations, as Psyche embarks on a journey to prove her love and worthiness to Aphrodite, facing daunting tasks that test her resilience, courage, and determination. From fetching a flask of water from the River Styx to retrieving a box of beauty from the Underworld, Psyche's trials are a testament to her enduring spirit and the transformative power of love. Ultimately, her unwavering devotion and perseverance lead to her reunion with Eros and her ascension to immortality, symbolizing the soul's triumph over adversity through the eternal bond of love.

The Lessons of Psyche

Statue of Psyche and Eros

In an astrological chart, the asteroid Psyche represents the essence of the human soul, our deepest emotional needs, and the pathway toward self-awareness and inner fulfillment. Its placement in the natal chart sheds light on the areas of life where our soul seeks growth, the emotional challenges we may face, and the path to achieving a sense of completeness and harmony within ourselves. By examining the sign, house, and aspects of Psyche, we can uncover valuable insights into unlocking our spiritual potential.

The transits of Psyche offer significant opportunities for introspection and deepening our understanding of ourselves and our relationships. Psyche’s placement in the birth chart may also represent areas in which one might attract envy and rivalries, or areas in which one may need to persevere through trials in order to gain full actualization. Psyche transits are marked by a heightened awareness of our needs and the potential for achieving a greater sense of inner balance and fulfillment. By attuning to Psyche, we can learn to navigate our emotional landscape with grace by embracing our immovable inner beauty.

The Influence of Eros

Eros Releasing an Arrow

Eros, in contrast, embodies the force of desire, passion, and the transformative power of love in our lives. Its position in the natal chart illuminates our approach to love and intimacy, the nature of our desires, and the potential for deep, soul-stirring connections. The aspects formed by Eros reveal the dynamics of our romantic relationships, the lessons we need to learn in matters of the heart, and the ways in which love can serve as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

Similarly, the transits of Eros bring into focus the evolving nature of our desires and the role of passion in our lives. These transits invite us to explore the depths of our romantic inclinations, rekindle the flames of desire, and embrace the transformative power of love. By following our Eros transits, we can align ourselves with our heart center and witness the unfolding of our romantic journey.

Psyche and Eros in Synastry and Composite Charts

A couple embracing in the forest

In synastry, the study of relationships through astrology, the interaction between Psyche and Eros in two individuals' charts is a powerful indicator of potential soulmate connections or karmic ties. When these asteroids form harmonious aspects, they suggest a deep, magnetic attraction and a profound emotional and spiritual bond. The synergy between Psyche and Eros in synastry highlights the potential for a relationship that transcends the physical realm, offering a glimpse into eternal love and soul union.

Composite charts, which represent the energy of a relationship as a whole, also benefit from the analysis of Psyche and Eros. The placement of these asteroids in a composite chart can reveal the purpose of the relationship’s soul, the nature of the love shared, and the potential for lasting emotional and spiritual growth. Understanding the role of Psyche and Eros in a composite chart can shed light on the dynamics of a partnership and the evolutionary lessons it offers.

The Archetypal Journey of Psyche and Eros

Heart-shaped Opening on Wooden Gate

The myth of Psyche and Eros serves as an archetypal story that mirrors our own experiences of love and the pursuit of self-discovery. Psyche's transition from mortal to goddess, guided by her love for Eros, symbolizes the transformative power of love and the potential for personal growth and enlightenment through the trials and tribulations of relationships. Eros, as the instigator of this journey, represents the spark of desire that propels us into the depths of our own psyche, urging us to explore the mysteries of our heart.

To calculate where Psyche and Eros are currently transiting in your true siderealchart, use our sidereal chart calculator. Psyche is currently at 7 degrees Capricorn in true sidereal, and Eros is at 5 degrees Taurus.

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