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Empty Houses in the Natal Chart


Athen Chimenti

19 November 2023

The Fundamentals Of Empty Houses

Empty room in an empty house

Empty houses, or voids, as they are referred to in astrology, are often overlooked in favor of houses containing planets. However, much like how the pauses between notes in a song are equally important as the notes themselves, empty houses provide insights about a person's life and personality.

It's important to note that having an empty house doesn't mean that that area of life is less significant. Instead, it signifies a more fluid, less defined influence in that part of life. The signs in the house, as well as the house's ruler, can provide clues about how these areas will likely manifest in one's life.

Interpreted alone, they can indicate areas of life where we may feel less grounded or areas that require more conscious effort to fully integrate. For instance, an empty 1st House might indicate a person who is still figuring out their identity and personal style. They may often change their appearance or how they present themselves to the world in order to learn more about who they are and what they want.

The Significance of Empty Houses

Book with blank pages

Each house in astrology represents a different area of life. An empty house can signify that the area of life is not a major area of life lessons. It doesn't mean that you will never experience issues related to that house, but that those issues may not be as prominent or as challenging as areas where your chart is more heavily populated.

For example, if you have an empty 7th House it might suggest that partnerships and relationships are not one of the primary lessons in your life. You might be more focused on personal development, career growth, or whichever other areas contain your planets. However, this doesn't mean you won't have relationships or that they won't be important to you. It merely suggests that relationships might not be the area where you experience the most growth and life lessons.

Ultimately, an empty house in your chart is not a cause for concern. It simply highlights areas where you have more freedom and flexibility to shape your own path. Where if you do experience challenges in that area it may have more to do with your perspective or approach to the area versus karmic or spiritual lessons to learn from. And as mentioned above, may feel less solidified and require more conscious effort to integrate

Interpreting Empty Houses in the Natal Chart

Birth chart with empty houses

When interpreting an empty house, it's essential to consider both the signs in the house as well as the house's ruling planet. The signs can provide insight into the qualities and characteristics that might come into play in that area of life, while the ruler can show where and how the area is manifesting.

For instance, if your 6th House of health and service is empty and ruled by Aries, you might approach health and wellness with enthusiasm and assertiveness. You might have a passion for physical fitness and be motivated by challenges and competition in your work life.

In this example, since the ruler of Aries is Mars, Mars would be your 6th house ruler. The house and sign Mars is in can show how and where the 6th house energies of work are manifesting. If Mars is in the 9th House in Capricorn then the work ethic of the 6th house might be implemented through sharing perspectives about life. Such as through higher teachings, philosophy, or even spirituality. It can lend towards those involved in teaching, publishing, or even traveling in their daily life. Capricorn suggests that these teachings will likely be pursued in a disciplined and responsible way.

To see a full list of rulers you can use our house rulers list. Match the sign in your house with the corresponding ruler.

Additionally, it's beneficial to consider any aspects to the ruler. Especially conjunctions. These aspects can provide further insight into the dynamics at play in that area of life.

Lastly, even though a house may be empty in your natal chart, it won't always remain that way. Transiting planets will move through each house over time, activating and highlighting different areas of life as they do so. These transits can bring temporary focus and energy to an otherwise quiet area of your chart, allowing for growth and development in that area. Many of these transits, or even progressions, can last multiple decades.

The Power of Empty Houses

Music chart with spaces between the notes

While it's easy to focus on the houses in your chart that contain planets, it's equally important not to overlook the significance of the empty houses. These areas represent untapped potential and offer a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

Empty houses can be seen as a blank canvas, offering limitless possibilities for how that area of life can unfold. They give us the freedom to shape and define that area of life in a way that aligns with our personal values and desires.

In essence, an empty house in astrology is not a void, but a space filled with potential. It's an area of life where we can write our own story, free from the more rigid influences of life's major lessons.

So, the next time you look at your birth chart, don't overlook the empty houses. Instead, see them as areas of life where you have the freedom and flexibility to create your own destiny. Where the music of your life is creating space between the notes and giving you, the listener, a chance to absorb and interpret the entire composition of your chart.

To see your complete natal chart you can use our free chart calculator.

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