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The Astrology of Comet Nishimura

A New Visitor Traveling the Zodiac

Athen Chimenti

August 2023

girl making a wish with comet in sky

The recent discovery of Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) by Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura has piqued interest. Unlike most passing comments its path takes it directly through the zodiac. So what does this celestial traveler mean from an astrological perspective?

Comets in astrology tend to represent messengers. Distant bodies coming to share a new perspective from distant lands. Nishimura's path is notable for its interactions with the zodiac. Messages we can easily cipher and understand using astrology.


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Now to August 26th: A phase of sparked interests and intellect.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is about communication, curiosity, and adaptability. Currently, in Gemini, it is no surprise that Nishimura is directly acting as a messenger. Not only bringing news of its arrival but potentially bringing new ideas and sparking intellectual conversations. This transit may signify a period of open dialogue, quick-witted exchanges, and diverse learning.

With the comet's energy here, the collective may feel the need to share ideas more freely and foster an environment of intellectual growth.


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August 26th to September 5th: A phase of emotional depth and connection.

Come August 26th, Nishimura moves into Cancer, a sign that represents nurturing, emotional sensitivity, and home. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, prompts deep introspection and a return to one's roots. As the comet transitions through Cancer, there may be collective feelings of nostalgia and a pull toward family and home.

Cancer’s touch brings introspection. Emotional depths might be explored, with a heightened sense of care and protection for loved ones.


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September 5th to 16th: A collective burst of energy and creative potential.

September sees the comet weave through Leo, a sign of creativity, leadership, and passion. Leo, dominated by the Sun, shines brightly, much like the growing brilliance of the comet at this time. It reaches a magnitude of 5.6 as it brushes past star Adhafera. This alignment may inspire a surge of confidence and desire to express oneself, driven by the Leo energy.

September 7th to 9th: Its proximity to stars Ras Elased Australis and Adhafera amplifies Leo's innate desire for recognition and self-expression.

September 13th: The comet’s closest approach to Earth could manifest as an intensified period, with heightened emotions and clearer insights into personal desires.


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September 16th to 22nd: Collective urge for order, precision, and service to others.

By mid-September, as the comet reaches perihelion, it graces Virgo, the sign of analysis, practicality, and service. Virgo, under Mercury’s rulership, encourages meticulous attention to detail. During this transit, there might be a collective shift towards refining projects, re-evaluating goals, and helping others.

Virgo offers a grounding energy post the intensity of Leo. It's a phase of organizing, refining, and diligently working towards larger goals.

What this means for us

The path of this comet through the zodiac provides a unique period of reflection, growth, and evolution. Its path, from communicative Gemini to meticulous Virgo, allows us to use this temporary energy.

Following its perihelion in Virgo, the comet begins to fade away, moving further from our star. This mirrors the cyclical nature of life – a burst of energy followed by introspection. But as Nishimura fades, another bright comet, C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-ATLAS), prepares to enter the scene by February 2024.

For the astrological community, these celestial events serve as reminders of the universe's vastness and its intricate connections with human experiences. Every celestial body, be it a planet or a fleeting comet, imparts its wisdom. It is up to us to understand, interpret, and integrate these lessons into our lives.

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