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Biodynamic Gardening


Athen Chimenti

8 February 2024

What is Biodynamic Gardening?

Girl watering tomatoes

Biodynamic gardening is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to gardening. It views the garden as a self-sustaining ecosystem. This approach is not just about organic gardening. It's about improving the health of the soil and plants. It's about working with nature and the rhythms of the universe.

Biodynamic gardening uses preparations made from fermented manure, herbs, and minerals. These preparations help increase the life and vitality of the soil. They also help improve the quality and flavor of the food grown.

But what sets biodynamic gardening apart is its use of the universe's rhythms. It considers the cycles of the MoonSun, and planets. By timing garden activities with these cycles, biodynamic gardeners believe they can improve plant growth. They can also improve the health and vitality of their garden.

Using the Moon's Phases

Plant growing from soil

The Moon's phases are a key factor in biodynamic gardening. The Moon has four phases: new, first quarter, full, and third quarter. Each phase has a different influence on plant growth.

New moon phase symbolic on new beginnings is generally considered a good time to sow crops. Particularly leafy annuals which complete their lifecycle in one year. Examples are lettuce, spinach, and cabbage.

First quarter phase symbolic of the action-oriented phase of the lunar cycle is considered a good time to put most of the work into the garden. This includes thinning, mulching, etc. It is also a good time to sow or transplant fruiting annuals. These are plants that produce a fruit or seed for harvesting. Examples are tomatoes, pumpkins, and beans.

Full moon phase symbolic of abundance is a considered a good time to harvest. In terms of sowing they are a great time to plant or transplant root crops such as carrots, potatoes, and onions.

Third quarter phase symbolic of the end of the cycle is the resetting period. It's a good time to thin, prune, and remove any unproductive planets from the garden. It can also be considered a good time to harvest crops that won't continue to produce.

Using the Sun's Cycles

Flowers in garden

Of course, the Sun's cycles also play a role in biodynamic gardening. The Sun's position in relation to the Earth changes throughout the year. This affects the amount of daylight we get. It also affects the intensity of the sunlight.

As we know, longer, warmer days promote growth. Shorter, cooler days slow down growth. When we plant certain crops in the year can make a huge difference between the yield or even success or failure of the crop.

For example, you can sow seeds for cool-season crops in late summer. They will germinate and grow during the cooler fall days and yield in the winter. You can also sow seeds for warm-season crops in late winter. They will germinate and grow during the warmer spring days and yield in the summer.

Signs With Biodynamic Gardening

According to Biodynamic gardening the signs also influence plant growth. What signs the planets are in have a different influence on plant growth. This is particularly the case with the Moon sign at the time of planting.

Cucumber fruit

Aries: This sign fosters germination and growth. Plants sown under Aries tend to sprout quickly and have healthy, upward growth.

Taurus: Known for enhancing root development. Planting during Taurus encourages strong root systems, making it ideal for root crops.

Gemini: Influences the growth of flowers. This sign is favorable for planting flowering plants, aiding in their bloom and fragrance.

Cancer: Strongly associated with water, it's a good time for watering and planting plants that require a lot of moisture.

Leo: Enhances the ripening of fruits. Planting under Leo helps in achieving better flavor and ripeness in fruits.

Virgo: Aids in the development of the plant structure. Plants sown under Virgo tend to be more robust and sturdy.

Libra: Benefits the aesthetic aspects of plants. Under Libra, plants often grow with a pleasing symmetry and balance.

Eggplant fruit

Scorpio: Known for aiding in seed vitality. Planting during Scorpio can lead to more vigorous seeds and better germination rates.

Ophiuchus: Ophiuchus could be considered a sign that brings balance and rejuvenation to the garden.

Sagittarius: Promotes general plant health and vigor. Plants sown under this sign tend to be hardy and resilient.

Capricorn: Enhances the formation of structures like stems and branches. Ideal for planting trees and shrubs.

Aquarius: Encourages the growth of leaves. This sign is beneficial for leafy vegetables and herbs.

Pisces: Linked with soil fertility. Planting during Pisces can lead to richer soil and healthier plants.

By timing garden activities with these influences, you can optimize plant growth. You can also improve the health and vitality of your garden. For example, you can sow seeds when the Moon is in Aries. This will promote germination and growth. You can transplant trees when the Moon is in Capricorn.

Getting Started with Biodynamic Gardening

Gardening gear

Getting started with biodynamic gardening is easy. All you need is a way to view the lunar cycle and planetary signs. You can use any astrology chart calculator or planetarium software to view the signs and lunar cycle.

With biodynamic gardening, you can create a healthy, vibrant garden. You can also grow high-quality, flavorful food. All while working in harmony with nature and the rhythms of life.

So why not give it a try?

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