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Midpoints in Astrology


Athen Chimenti

9 October 2023

Introduction to Midpoints

chart of body meridians

Midpoints are a fascinating and often overlooked aspect of natal chart interpretation. They represent the halfway point between two planets or points in the chart. They offer profound insights into a person's character and life themes. Midpoints can be calculated for any two points or planets. The most commonly used are the Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars, and Ascendant/Midheaven midpoints.

Midpoints can be seen as a fusion of energies, where the qualities of the two planets or points merge to create a blend. This is why planetary polarities such as the Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars are used. The Sun/Moon polarity for example shows us our dominant personality. In this case, the Sun/Moon midpoint shows us the singular interpretation of our dominant personality.

The midpoints reveals hidden aspects of a person's character or potential that may not be immediately apparent by analyzing the two planets separately. For example, someone with a Sun/Moon midpoint in Aries may have a strong drive for self-expression and independence, even if their Sun and Moon are in more passive or introverted signs.

Midpoints can also reveal potential challenges or conflicts within a person's character. For example, if someone's Venus/Mars midpoint is in Capricorn, they may struggle to balance their desire for love and intimacy (Venus) with their need for independence and action (Mars) in their relationships. This could manifest as a tendency to suppress their feelings in order to maintain control, or a difficulty in expressing their desires openly.

To find the midpoint of any two planets simply mark the halfway point between the two planets in the chart. For instance, if the Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in Gemini then the midpoint is in Taurus since Taurus is in between Aries and Gemini. You will want to visibly do this with the chart. For the highest accuracy count the degrees between the two planets to find the exact midpoint. Use the shortest distance between the two planets.

Interpreting Midpoints

map of the constellations

Interpreting midpoints involves looking at the sign and house position of the midpoint, as well as any aspects it makes to other points or planets in the chart. The sign of the midpoint can give clues about the nature of the energy blend, while the house position can indicate the area of life where this energy is most likely to be experienced.

For example, if someone's Sun/Moon midpoint is in Taurus in the 2nd house, they may have a strong need for security and stability (Taurus) in their personal resources and values (2nd house). This could manifest as a tendency to be possessive or stubborn, or a talent for making money and building wealth.

Aspects to the midpoint can also provide valuable insights. For example, if someone's Sun/Moon midpoint in Taurus in the 2nd is trine their Jupiter in Aquarius in 11th, they may have a gift for building wealth through social networking, and may be able to use this talent to help build wealth for their friends and community.

Midpoints in Synastry

constellation map

Midpoints can also be used in the comparison of two charts to assess compatibility and relationship potential. This is called the composite or combined chart. It is the chart of all the midpoints between the two individuals. For example, if someone's Sun is in Capricorn and the other person's Sun is in Pisces then the Sun in the composite is in Aquarius (the midpoints between the two Sun's). This is essentially the chart of the relationship as a whole. If the relationship had a chart then it would be the composite.

You essentially read the composite just like you do a natal chart, except as the chart of the relationship. For example, if the composite chart has the Sun in Leo then this can indicate a strong romantic energy, playfulness, and creativity in the relationship.

Conversely, if the composite Mars is in Scorpio there can be a deep and intense passion, but perhaps also a potential for power struggles or intense power dynamics.

In conclusion, midpoints are a powerful tool in natal chart and composite interpretation. They can reveal hidden aspects of a person's character, potential challenges and conflicts, and insights into relationships. By exploring midpoints, we gain a deeper understanding of how to actualize our greatest potential, individually and in relationships.

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