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2024 Pluto Return in the USA

America's Transformation and New Beginning

Athen Chimenti

April 2023

Statue of the USA founding fathers

The United States is approaching a significant year astrologically. It is approaching its Pluto return and progressed new moon in 2024. In this article, we will explore the potential impacts these astrological events will have on the country and the world at large.

The Pluto Return in the USA

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The USA will have its Pluto return in 2024, with three contacts occurring in February, July, and December. These are precession-correct dates and differ from mainstream astrology. Mainstream astrology, which uses a seasonal system, predicted the return in 2022. However, visually in the sky, the Pluto return will take place in 2024 in the same part of Capricorn it was when the USA was born.

Capricorn represents authority, structure, and tradition. Pluto is the planet of transformation and significant change. As a result, the USA will likely undergo significant changes related to its political, economic, and social systems.

It's important to note that the USA will not be the only country to experience these influences. The USA has Pluto at the beginning of Capricorn, and Pluto is entering Capricorn for everyone. These next two years mark the beginning of changes similar to what we experienced globally during the late 1700s. This was the last time Pluto entered Capricorn and when the USA was born. We saw significant changes in the world as we transitioned from monarchy back into republic and democratic forms of government.

A Sneak Peek of the Pluto Return

Coming up soon on May 1st, 2023, Pluto will go retrograde within one degree of the return. This will give us a sneak peek into the influences we will experience in 2024. These few weeks will offer insights into the themes and energies that will likely come into play during 2024. Observing the events and shifts in the world during this time can help us gain insights into the transformative period ahead.

The Progressed New Moon

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In addition to the Pluto return, the USA will experience its progressed new moon in March 2024. This occurs when the progressed Sun and Moon are conjunct in the progressed chart. This marks a significant time of new beginnings for the next 29 years.

The years leading up to the new moon tend to be challenging as the country clears the previous 29-year cycle. They are usually characterized by a period of introspection, evaluation, and letting go of what no longer serves. The few years after, mark the beginning of a new cycle. This is where life tends to support us in trying new things and slowly build momentum in the new cycle.

Effects of the Pluto Return and Progressed New Moon

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The combined energies of the return and new moon in 2024 have the potential to significantly influence the USA on multiple levels. The following are some possible effects on the country:

Political transformation: The Pluto return in Capricorn is likely to lead to a restructuring of the political system. This could involve changes in the balance of power, the emergence of new political ideologies, and shifts in the way the government operates. The progressed new moon could signify the beginning of a new political cycle that may redefine the nation's identity for the next 29 years.

Economic changes: The transformative energy of Pluto may bring about significant shifts in the US economy. This could lead to the development of new industries or the decline of established ones. The progressed new moon could signal the start of a new economic cycle as well, with the potential for growth and innovation.

Social evolution: The Pluto return can have profound effects on the social fabric of the country. Issues related to power, control, and authority could come to the forefront. This could lead to increased activism and the establishment of new power structures. The progressed new moon may usher in a new era of social consciousness and a renewed sense of values among the American people.

Shift in global power dynamics: As the Pluto return signifies a time of transformation, the USA may experience changes in its status as a global power. This could involve a shift in the balance of power among other nations in the world. This can lead to the rise of new global players and the restructuring of global relationships.

Effects on the Individual

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It's important to recognize that these astrological events can also have significant impacts on all of us individually. By understanding the broader themes and energies at play, we can better prepare for the changes that may affect our personal lives.

Personal transformation: As the world undergoes significant shifts in societal values, we will likely notice shifts in our own values. This could involve reevaluating our beliefs, reassessing our priorities, and embracing new ways of thinking.

Career changes: The economic changes resulting from the influences may create new career opportunities. This is particularly the case for new or emerging industries. By staying informed about economic trends, we can position ourselves for success in the evolving economic system.

Relationships: The social evolution taking place during this time can also affect our relationships. As our values shift, we may connect with new people who share our newfound beliefs and ideals. This will also be an opportunity for growth and deepening within our existing relationships.

Personal development: As the world navigates these transformations, many of us will likely go through significant personal development. These periods of global change tend to pull many of us to better ourselves and grow as individuals.


The Pluto return and progressed new moon in 2024 represent a unique and powerful period of transformation for the USA and the world at large. The first and only Pluto return in the country's history and the first time Pluto has entered Capricorn since the 1770s. By examining the potential effects, we can better understand and prepare for the changes ahead. As the world changes, we will have the opportunity to grow and evolve alongside it. By being open to change, we can navigate this transformative period in constructive and healthy ways.

To see where Pluto's transformations are happening for you use our sidereal chart calculator and locate the house where the beginning of Capricorn is in your chart.

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