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The Lunar Phase of the Natal Chart


Athen Chimenti

21 January 2024

What Moon Phase Was I Born Under?

Cartoon drawing of Moon phases

Our moon goes through a cycle with the Sun every 29.5 days, known as the lunar cycle or lunar month. While it takes the Moon roughly 27.3 days to transit through the zodiac, it takes an additional couple days to catch up with the Sun and start the new lunar cycle. This cycle can be split into any number of phases with the the most common being four and eight phases. The four phases include the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Third Quarter. The eight include the New Moon, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full Moon, Disseminating, Third Quarter, and Balsamic. Each phase emanates a unique energy that coincides with our moods, emotions, and behaviors.

Knowing the lunar phase you were born under at the time of your birth can provide a deeper understanding into your innate tendencies, emotional patterns, and instinctual behaviors. While the Sun and Moon are considered the most important part of the natal chart, the lunar phase we are born under can be seen as the synergy between the two. It can be said that the lunar phase can help us integrate the most fundamental parts of our personalities.

Below are the astrological descriptions of the eight phases of the lunar cycle. Each phase is 45 degrees. To determine your phase count the number of degrees from the Sun to the Moon going counter-clockwise in the chart. To see your lunar phase you can use our true sidereal chart calculator.

Please keep in mind that although we commonly divide the cycle into eight phases the lunar cycle can be divided into any number of phases. Each phase melds into the next much like a barometer that slowly progresses from one phase to the next. With this in mind, if you are with 15 degrees of another phase you should consider yourself a blend of both phases.

New Moon: 0° to 45°

Cartoon drawing of New Moon

Those born under the New Moon phase are often characterized by a pioneering spirit and an innate drive to initiate new projects. The New Moon's energy encourages a fresh start and new beginnings, which is reflected in the personality of individuals born under this phase. They are usually adventurous, innovative, and courageous, with a strong desire to break new ground and make their mark on the world.

However, these individuals may also struggle with impatience, impulsivity, and a tendency to start many projects without seeing them through to completion. By harnessing the energy of the New Moon, they can learn to balance their pioneering spirit with patience and perseverance, ensuring that their initiatives are not only started but also successfully completed.

Crescent Moon: 45° to 90°

Individuals born under the Crescent Moon phase often exhibit qualities of adaptability, curiosity, and a constant search for knowledge. This phase, marking the first visible sliver of the moon after the New Moon, symbolizes growth, exploration, and the expansion of ideas. People born during this phase are generally open-minded, creative, and eager to learn, constantly seeking new experiences to broaden their horizons.

However, they might also face challenges in focusing their energies and may become easily distracted by new pursuits. By harnessing the energy of the Crescent Moon, they can learn to channel their curiosity into meaningful and sustained endeavors, balancing their thirst for new experiences with a sense of purpose and direction.

First Quarter: 90° To 135°

Cartoon drawing of First Quarter Moon

Individuals born during the First Quarter phase of the moon are typically characterized by determination, resilience, and a strong will to succeed. This phase represents a time of action and crisis, where the initial excitement of new beginnings has faded, and the reality of the work required to achieve goals sets in. As such, those born under this phase are often pragmatic, ambitious, and not afraid to face challenges head-on.

However, they may also struggle with a tendency to be overly critical or rigid in their approach. By embracing the energy of the First Quarter Moon, they can learn to balance their determination with flexibility, allowing them to adapt to changes and overcome obstacles more effectively.

Gibbous Moon: 135° to 180°

Those born during the Gibbous Moon phase are often characterized by their meticulous attention to detail, strong analytical skills, and a deep desire for perfection. This phase, representing the waxing moon nearing its fullness, symbolizes refinement, adjustment, and the fine-tuning of ideas and projects. Individuals born under this phase are typically methodical, disciplined, and driven, with a natural ability to analyze situations and improve upon them.

However, this quest for perfection can sometimes lead to excessive criticism or unrealistic expectations. By embracing the energy of the Gibbous Moon, they can learn to balance their pursuit of excellence with acceptance and grace, allowing them to appreciate progress without becoming bogged down by the pursuit of unattainable ideals.

Full Moon: 180° To 225°

Cartoon drawing of Full Moon

Those born under the Full Moon phase are often characterized by a deep sense of empathy, intuition, and a desire for harmony in their relationships. The Full Moon's energy represents a time of culmination and fulfillment, reflecting a personality that seeks to balance and integrate opposites within themselves and their relationships.

However, these individuals may also struggle with emotional volatility and a tendency to idealize their relationships. By harnessing the energy of the Full Moon, they can learn to balance their emotional sensitivity with practicality, ensuring that their relationships are grounded in reality and mutual respect.

Disseminating Moon: 225° To 270°

Individuals born during the Disseminating Moon phase are typically characterized by their strong communication skills, sociability, and a desire to share knowledge and experiences with others. This phase, representing the waning gibbous moon, symbolizes the distribution of wisdom, the sharing of insights, and the dissemination of ideas. Those born under this phase are often natural teachers, communicators, and connectors, eager to spread their knowledge and learnings to a wider audience.

However, they may sometimes struggle with overextending themselves or failing to focus on their own personal development. By harnessing the energy of the Disseminating Moon, they can learn to balance their desire to share and teach with self-reflection and personal growth, ensuring that their contributions are as enriching for themselves as they are for others.

Third Quarter Moon: 270° To 315°

Cartoon drawing of Third Quarter Moon

Individuals born during the Third Quarter Moon phase are typically known for their action-oriented approach, seasoned wisdom, and readiness to implement change. This phase, representing the waning half moon, symbolizes a period of reorientation and active realization, reflecting a personality that combines experience with the drive to take concrete action. These individuals have navigated the majority of the lunar cycle and are now poised to apply their insights and lessons learned in a practical and effective manner.

However, they may sometimes face challenges with impatience or frustration, particularly if their actions do not yield immediate results. By embracing the energy of the Third Quarter Moon, they can learn to balance their eagerness for action with patience and persistence, allowing them to effectively manifest their goals and ideas. This phase teaches the importance of strategic action combined with the wisdom of experience, guiding individuals towards meaningful and impactful achievements.

Balsamic: 315° To 360°

Those born under the Balsamic Moon phase often exhibit qualities of introspection, spiritual depth, and a strong connection to their inner world. This phase, representing the waning crescent moon, symbolizes release, surrender, and preparation for a new cycle. Individuals born during this phase tend to be thoughtful, reflective, and deeply attuned to the subtler aspects of life, often possessing a natural inclination towards spirituality and inner exploration.

However, they may also struggle with feelings of isolation or a sense of being misunderstood. By embracing the energy of the Balsamic Moon, they can learn to balance their introspective nature with a connection to the external world, finding ways to express their inner discoveries and insights in ways that resonate with and inspire others.

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