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The Disruptive Force in Astrology

Athen Chimenti

18 February 2024

Challenging the Zodiac's Balance

Dwarf Planet Eris

The discovery of Eris, a trans-Neptunian dwarf planet, challenged astronomers and astrologers alike. Eris's discovery in 2005 sent ripples through the astronomical community, prompting a redefinition of what constitutes a planet and leading to the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet. Its presence in astrology is equally potent, often associated with discord and change.

Discovered by Mike Brown and his team at Palomar Observatory, Eris's emergence challenged the very structure of our solar system's architecture. In astrology, this disruption in the celestial order mirrors Eris's role as an agent of change and reflects its potential to upend conventional understanding and usher in a new era of cosmic consciousness. This distant, icy body, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, invites us to explore the farthest reaches of both space and our inner landscapes.

Astrologically, Eris is a relatively new player, but its impact is undeniable. It pushes us to look beyond our known boundaries, prompting a reevaluation of our identities and roles within the societal fabric. This dwarf planet's energy demands that we face the parts of ourselves that we may not be comfortable with, the shadowy aspects that require acknowledgment and integration for true growth.

Eris in Pisces

Eris’ Surface

Eris takes 558 years to complete its orbit around the Sun. This slow movement means that its effect on each sign is generational, carving deep and lasting grooves in the collective psyche. Astrologers study its transit through signs to understand broader societal shifts, particularly those that upend norms and provoke revolutionary thought.

Currently, Eris resides in the mystical waters of Pisces, a placement that envelops us in a deep, collective introspection about our shared humanity and spiritual connections. In Pisces, Eris's energies are diffused through the lens of compassion and empathy, stirring a movement toward healing societal wounds through understanding and unity. This placement beckons us to dissolve the barriers that separate us, advocating for action that heals and bridges, rather than divides.

The Mythology of Eris

Golden Apple

To comprehend Eris's role in astrology, we must delve into the mythology of the Greek goddess Eris, known for her penchant for stirring up trouble. It was Eris who, not invited to a divine wedding, rolled a golden apple inscribed with 'to the fairest' among the gods, sparking a vanity-fueled dispute that ultimately led to the Trojan War. This myth encapsulates the essence of Eris in astrology: a catalyst for events that bring about transformation through turmoil.

In exploring the depths of Eris's mythological roots, we find that she was not just a goddess of discord but also the sister of Ares, the god of war. This familial connection offers profound insight into the nature of Eris's influence in astrology. Being Ares' sister, Eris embodies a combative spirit, albeit one that operates on the psychological or strategic plane rather than the straightforward aggression of Ares. Her actions in mythology—provoking the Trojan War through cunning rather than brute force—highlight a capacity for causing significant shifts in human affairs through subtlety and the sowing of seeds of discord. This aspect of her mythology provides valuable insight into understanding the complex, often indirect ways in which Eris can influence personal and collective narratives.

The Pluto-Eris Square

Discord and Strife

The square aspect between Pluto and Eris, which was exact 5 times in 2021 and will continue to make its presence felt through 2024, marks a period of intense transformation on a global scale. Pluto, representing transformation, death, and rebirth, clashes with Eris's energy of strife and discord, creating a volatile mix that can lead to both destructive and constructive outcomes. This aspect is a call to action for deep systemic change, revealing the shadow side of societies and institutions. It demands that individuals and collectives alike confront the underlying power dynamics and injustices that have been festering beneath the surface, encouraging a thorough purge, and restructuring of what no longer serves the greater good.

Following the exact Pluto-Eris squares, we have witnessed a wave of societal changes that seem to ripple from the post-Covid era. The aftermath of such a global crisis has unveiled a landscape ripe for transformation, where the seeds of change planted by this astrological aspect have begun to sprout. The societal shifts are not merely Covid-related but are indicative of deeper, underlying currents that have been brought to the surface.

Personal Revolution and Collective Social Upheaval

Cracks in the Earth

In the natal chart, Eris's position points to where we may experience discord and how we can harness it for personal revolution. It challenges us to confront inequalities and injustices. Eris asks us to tear down the walls we've built around our hearts and minds, urging us to fight for a life that resonates with our deepest truths.

When analyzing Eris's influence on the collective, we see its signature in times of upheaval and the rise of countercultures. Eris reflects the voice of the marginalized, those whom society has overlooked or oppressed. It's the spark behind movements that seek to dismantle the status quo and institute reform. In the collective consciousness, Eris's placement can indicate periods of significant social change and the themes that will ignite collective action.

To see where Eris is in your chart you can use our sidereal chart calculator. Locate the house where the last seven degrees of Pisces is in your chart - this is where Eris is currently transiting. This is the area of life that Eris is bringing her transformative energies for you.

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