True Sidereal Astrology Charts

These charts use the visible sky at the time of birth called true sidereal astrology.

Please allow 1-2 days for processing. Your chart will be sent as a PDF to the e-mail address provided.

There will be a page at the end of the checkout process for your birth details, as well as any additions you want added to the chart(s).

* Please note that these charts do not include chart interpretations. Get your full professional interpretations with a sidereal chart reading.

Sidereal Birth Chart - $5

A PDF of your sidereal birth chart. Includes all major planets and aspects.

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Sidereal Solar Return Chart - $5

A PDF of your sidereal solar return chart for the upcoming year. Great for forecasting the 12 months following your birthday.

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Sidereal Transit Chart - $7

A PDF of your sidereal birth chart, progressions, and transits. Shows the real location of the transiting planets relative to your birth chart. Great for forecasting current and future life events.

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Sidereal Birth Chart Package - $12

PDF's of your sidereal birth chart, solar return, and transit chart. Everything you need for self-illumination and forecasting.

Birth Chart Solar Return Chart Transit Chart
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Sidereal Synastry Chart Package - $12

PDF's of two individual's sidereal birth charts, their combined chart, and their two synastry charts. Perfect for seeing the compatibility between two charts.

Birth Chart Birth Chart Combined Chart Synastry Chart Synastry Chart
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