Sidereal Astrology Software

Capricorn's Prometheus

#1 Sidereal Astrology Software

Uses the Actual Constellation Boundaries in the Sky

Highly Customizable Features, Chart Creator, and More

Everything You Expect in a Professional Astrology Software
Plus a Whole Lot More...


User-Friendly Sidereal Astrology Interface

Customizable Zodiac Boundaries

Western and Vedic Chart Options

Divisional Charts, Dasas, and Nakshatras

In-Chart Descriptions & Detailed Reports

Expansive Fixed Star Database

Highly Intuitive Progression & Transit Graph

Astro Mapping, Astrology Globe, and Planetarium*

Directed, Return, Combined, and Synastry Charts

Highly Customizable Chart Creator

Extensive Data Chart Options

Medical Charts, and More...

* Note that Prometheus is currently only available for Windows PC

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Prometheus Standard Version

Original Retail Price: $184

With Discount: $175

Contains all features listed above minus the Planetarium, Astrology Globe, and Astro Mapping 

Prometheus Extended Version*

Original Retail Price: $276

With Discount: $245

Contains all features listed above plus the Planetarium, Astrology Globe, and Astro Mapping


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