Sidereal Astrology Courses




Learn the art and science of sidereal astrology one-on-one with Athen. Start from what you already know and go in the direction of your choice. This personalized form of study is great for working within a method and style that is best suited to you. Work closely with Athen for eight 1-hour phone/Skype sessions once or twice a week at your convenience. Athen is also available between sessions via phone or email to answer any questions you might have regarding your studies. One-on-one is the preferred method for studying astrology around the world and was the sole form of study in ancient times.

Includes full access to Prometheus Sidereal Astrology Software during the length of the course. Also includes a $50 voucher off Prometheus Standard and $75 off Prometheus Extended.

Have questions about the course? Contact Athen here.