Gemini Weekly Sidereal Horoscope


The Gemini Sidereal horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

This video explains the planetary positions and configurations for the Gemini sidereal horoscope. It shows which areas of life are being activated and how. Through this understanding as a Gemini you can gain a greater understanding of what the life path has in store for you along with what you can do to actualize your greatest potential.

Each planet has a specific type of life experience associated with it. In this video you will understand how to work with the healthiest and balanced way of expressing these attributes. It is through aligning with these planetary energies we are in flow with the active energies of this time period.

We will also cover where the greatest opportunities and challenges exist and what you can do to get the most out of these experiences. In every moment there is the potential for prosperity, enjoyment, insight, and inner happiness.

This Gemini sidereal horoscope is designed to show you what you can do to maximize this potential, and live the best life you can. To help you actualize success and empowerment along your life journey.

Join me for this horoscope as we pierce through the veil and see what the energies have in store for you.

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