Athen Chimenti's Manifesto

When I think about what the future holds for mankind, I see a world teeming with self-aware and self-responsible individuals. Where each person understands who they are, their relationship with nature, and what they have to offer the world. They share ideas with one another, with a willingness to give, care for, and nurture those around them. There is inspiration in their hearts, where their love for life is met with technical skill and a willingness to improve themselves and help those around them. In our future world, individuals have healthy relationships, where the truths about life and themselves are not hidden, but lit for all to see. Where spiritual growth and transformation is a normal way of life. In this world, possibilities for the future are shared on a regular basis, and integrated into the systems and structures of society. A world where communities flourish with uniqueness and innovative contributions, and a faith in God emits a calming state of presence and compassion in all.

This is a society that lives in accordance with natural law as depicted by the 13 signs of the zodiac. It is my life’s commitment to help those around me live this life today using what I consider to be the most powerful tool for living: true sidereal astrology. It is not a matter of whether mankind as a whole will live in this world, but when, and as far as I’m concerned what I can do to help speed up the process.

Athen Chimenti
Sidereal Astrologer
Mastering the Zodiac


 Sidereal Astrologer - Athen Chimenti