Athen Chimenti - Sidereal Astrologer

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A life-long traveler of the world, visiting and living in nineteen countries over the course of his life, Athen has gained a vast breadth of insight into both worldly and spiritual aspects of the human experience. Surrounding the Winter Solstice of 2011, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening which expanded this insight further.

He had been living for a few years on a rural homestead in Death Valley, taking time and space away from society to dive deep and reconnect with himself. Studying and applying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and other Eastern teachings he discovered a deep sense of awareness to life than his previous world affairs could offer him. With fresh eyes, he discovered a new way of living in peace and balance which beckoned him to share it with others in a meaningful way.

During this time, Athen delved into many physical and metaphysical subjects that would later facilitate his path of service. Of these he found astrology to be the perfect tool for consciously aligning with the natural and cyclical flows of life. Soon after, Athen discovered True Sidereal Astrology which grounded his astrology even further into nature and the natural sky.

Returning to society he began professionally seeing clients in early 2013 and officially launched Mastering the Zodiac on Youtube later that year. Now with a community of over 10K active supporters, over a dozen True Sidereal Astrologers trained, and 5k+ professional readings completed, Athen has assisted in True Sidereal Astrology now gaining widespread global adoption.

Today Athen continues to make videos, teach astrology one-on-one, and consult individuals daily on how they can gain a greater understanding of their spiritual life purpose and ground it here on Earth using True Sidereal Astrology.

To connect with Athen watch his forecast for this week here, or book a recorded or live reading with him here.